5 Things You Need to Know About Jalo Market

  1. Referral program: We want you to come to Jalo but not alone…bring your friends as well and we will reward you for it. From discount deals, free shipping, and Zero Naira on products, click here to learn more about our robust referral program.
  2. Discount deals: Every customer wants a discount and we also want to help you save on expenses. So that’s a win-win. Jalo provides a discount of 10% for every first-time customer on our website.
  3. Call to order: To ease the stress of shopping from our customers, we provide everyone a unique opportunity to place a call for their orders. Now you don’t have to scroll through the website looking for a product. Simply call 08027331810 today.
  4. Free Shipping: What if you only have to pay for your products and get it delivered for free. Once every week, we provide a 2-hour slot for customers to shop and get it delivered for free. Visit our website jalo.ng to find out more about this and other amazing offers
  5. Growing category of products: Jalo is continuously uploading new products in a wide range of categories. You can shop for items from groceries, laundry, skincare, fashion, home, and office furniture.

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